Walkway Solutions for Saskatchewan Towns and Cities.

Our Value to You:

Reduce your lifetime cost of concrete assets.

Improve Civic Pride

Keep Citizens & Visitors Safe

Improve curb appeal

Avoid Lawsuits

Save Money (5-25% of alternatives)

Remove snow more efficiently

No Pressure, Free, Inspection and Recommendations

What we do:

Concrete Cutting: Removing trip hazards for safety and improved appearance. 

Crack Repairs: Grind (chase) and fill sidewalk cracks to reduce tripping and prevent further failure. Repaired cracks also look better.

Patching and Resurfacing: Resurface badly eroded sidewalks. Patching missing concrete and damaged curbs. Prevents further erosion and improves appearance.

Seal & Protect Sidewalks & Pads: Concrete sealing to protect against rapid deterioration in Saskatchewan's harsh climate.  

How we do it:

Best Practices: We use published best practice techniques by the National Research Counsel, manufactures and others to assure quality installations. We use City of Saskatoon requirements for removing trip hazards, patching and filling cracks.

Best in Class Materials: We use materials that have been independently tested by others to work effectively in harsh Canadian prairie conditions. These quality products assure long lasting results that perform over the long term.

Assessments: Sidewalk surveys will identify corrective action for a variety of sidewalk flaws. 

Why we do it:

Helping the Disadvantaged: Our repairs help the mobility challenged to move about safely and easily.

Helping our Customer: Our goal is to help our you achieve your goals. We want you to feel good about your decision to use Armadillo. We are pleasant to others on the job and go out of our way to minimize disruptions and inconveniences. We do our best to do the work on time and to the your expectations. We communicate changes to schedules and issues promptly. We just think this helps contribute to Saskatoon being a better place to live and work.

Helping the Environment: Concrete production is the single largest industrial producer of greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide is produced during the manufacturing and curing of cement. By repairing, rather than replacing, worn concrete, Armadillo helps reduce greenhouse gases.